Arief R. Wismansyah, who has served as the Chief of Tangerang for two terms, after five years as the Vice Mayor, is now redirecting his efforts to a greater challenge, namely the Banten Pilkada, by contending for Governor.

The officials present included Acting Director General of Political and Public Administration Togap Simangunsong, Deputy Coordinator for Domestic Political Affairs at the Coordinating Ministry for Political, Legal, and Security Affairs Major General TNI Heri Wiranto, Assistant Deputy for Election and Political Party Management Brigadier General TNI Haryadi, Assistant Intelligence TNI Djaka Budhi Utama, Deputy Director of National Security Agency Police, Member of DKPP I Dewa Kade Wiarsa, Secretary of DIY, and Klaten Regent Sri Mulyani

Regarding the voter participation rate in the regional elections, Ummi said that the West Java KPU targets more than 75 percent participation. The total number of voters in West Java is estimated to be around 35-36 million.

nAccording to these rules, the PPS is formed by the Regency/Municipal KPU no later than 6 months before the election or voting, and must be dissolved no later than 2 months after the election or voting

This decision is driven by his determination to provide a fresh option, presenting a different vision and experience to the people of Banten, beyond the long-standing political family in the region. Arief Wismansyah’s leadership in Tangerang has been noted for innovation in city management and development of inclusive infrastructure, creating a solid base to advance Banten Province. In this context, he is committed to advocating for social justice, sustainable development, and equitable development throughout Banten. Arief shared his preparedness to face the challenges of the Banten Pilkada with a vision focused on positive change and progress for all segments of society. He shared that his decision to run was initially not planned, but the motivation from the community and his family made him reconsider. He stated that a meeting with Ma’ruf Amin, the Vice President significantly affected his decision to run. „I was asked by VP Ma’ruf Amin, and we had a meeting. He asked, are you really running, Mr. Arief? If you want to run, you have to win; if you’re not sure you can win, don’t run, he said. I agreed with him. Ultimately, on Monday afternoon, I decided to run,“ Arief said when met in the Karawaci region of Tangerang City, Sunday. Arief also conveyed his views on the dominant political dynasty in Banten, noting the split in the community related to this dominance. Nevertheless, he is confident about running with famous candidates in the region. „I hope to work together with the Banten community to progress together, including with the existing dynasties,“ he added. Arief highlighted his preparedness to cooperate with various parties for the advancement of Banten, without compromising the interests of the people. „Whatever the outcome, I hope the next leadership can offer the best for Banten,“ he concluded. With this step, Arief Rachadiono Wismansyah calls upon the people of Banten to support a shared vision in developing the region through the upcoming election.

n1. February 27 – November 16, 2024: Notification and registration of election observers
2. April 24 – May 31, 2024: Submission of potential voter list
3. May 5 – August 19, 2024: Fulfillment of requirements for independent candidate pairs
4. May 31 – September 23, 2024: Voter data updating and list preparation
5. August 24 – August 26, 2024: Announcement of candidate pair registration
6. August 27 – August 29, 2024: Candidate pair registration
7. August 27 – September 21, 2024: Candidate requirements examination
8. September 22, 2024: Determination of candidate pairs
9. September 25 – November 23, 2024: Campaign implementation
10. November 27, 2024: Voting day
11. November 27 – December 16, 2024: Vote counting and recapitulation

nAccording to the decision, the salary of the PPS in the 2024 Regional Election will be as follows: the chairman will receive Rp 1,500,000 per person, members will receive Rp 1,300,000 per person, and the secretary will receive Rp 1,150,000 per person . This amount is expected to cover the expenses and time devoted by PPS members in carrying out their duties

However, the transparency and integrity of the Regional Election process do not solely depend on the KPU. On the other hand, the Election Supervisory Committee (Panwaslu) plays an equally important role in overseeing the election process, giving the public confidence that every step is monitored and its integrity guaranteed

n“Technically, I ask KPU friends at the provincial, regency/city levels to always coordinate with local governments, the military, police, prosecutors, and courts, so that in carrying out their work or tasks, the election organizers can work well,“ said Hasyim

It is known that the survey was conducted during the period of June 13-20, 2024. The survey population includes all Indonesian citizens in Central Sulawesi who have the right to vote in the general election, i.e., those who are 17 years old or older, or are already married when the survey was conducted. Sample selection was done using the multistage random sampling method. The survey sample size was 1,200 people. Assuming a simple random sampling method, the sample size of 1,200 respondents has a margin of error (MoE) of ± 2.9% at a 95% confidence level. The sample was proportionally distributed across all districts/cities in Central Sulawesi.

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