Chairman of the Data and Information Division of the DKI Jakarta General Election Commission (Komisi Pemilihan Umum) Fahmi Zikrillah stated that there has been an increase in the Permanent Voter List (Daftar Pemilih Tetap) for the 2024 Jakarta Pilkada.

However, it is seen as tough because he previously resigned from his position as deputy governor of Jakarta to participate in the 2019 Presidential Election. This has caused Sandiaga’s volunteers, who are members of Rumah SandiUno Indonesia (RSI), to make a statement. It is stated that his step down, currently holding the position of the Tourism and Creative Economy Minister, was for the benefit of the people. „Bang Sandiaga Uno’s action to resign from the position of Deputy Governor at that time was for the benefit of the people, especially the Jakarta citizens,“ said RSI Secretary General, Denny H Suryo Prabowo, in his statement on Tuesday. He mentioned that Sandiaga is someone who is always fully committed to his work and duties. „Bang Sandiaga is ever prepared to undertake duties for the interest of the country and the citizens of Indonesia. Whether it was in the 2017 DKI Regional Election and the 2019 Pilpres, the support for Bang Sandi Uno, who accompanied Pak Prabowo, from the people was also very large,“ Denny revealed. As per him, Sandiaga’s move to resign from his position as Deputy Governor was because he did not want to sacrifice the benefit of the people. „Sandi didn’t want to create a negative precedent for the people by only taking a break from his position as Deputy Governor. He recognized that his responsibilities as Deputy Governor were heavy and could not be juggled with the equally challenging Presidential campaign,“ Denny elaborated. He added that Sandiaga Uno felt it was unfair to the people if he served incompletely, so he opted to resign from his position. „Sandiaga Uno {felt|believed|thought

Johanes believes that Central Java should no longer be dealing with poverty and needs a governor who can easily collaborate with the central government. This quality is found in the Chairman of DPD Gerindra Central Java, Sudaryono, who is very close to the President-Elect, Prabowo Subianto

The ceremonial Pilkada launch was graced by the presence of Forkopimda members, political party leaders, election organizers and supervisors, as well as religious and community leaders. Dompu KPUD Chairman Arif Rahman, in his speech, said that this year’s Dompu Pilkada is based on the spirit of local wisdom, namely Manggini, Manggari, Mataroa. Arif explained that the spirit of Manggini has a philosophical meaning, a quality Pilkada process prioritizing integrity. Then, Manggari means that the community faces the Pilkada with joy. And the philosophical meaning of Mataroa is that the result of the Pilkada ensures the sovereignty of the people.

nHe continued, Former Deputy Governor of Central Java Taj Yasin Maimoen was chosen by 10.3%, Semarang Mayor Hevearita Gunaryanti Rahayu by 8.7%, Kendal Regent Dico M Ganinduto by 7.6%, former Banyumas Regent for two periods Achmad Husein by 6.6%, Muhammad Yusuf Chudlori by 6.2%, and Inspector General Ahmad Luthfi by 3.3%, while 15.8% did not choose

Previously, NTB KPU Chairman Muhammad Khuwailid invited the Dompu community to come together to the polling stations to vote in the election of the Regent/Deputy Regent and the Governor/Deputy Governor. He stated that each stage and process of the Pilkada cannot be carried out independently. Collaboration of all elements is the key to the success of the Pilkada implementation.

This was conveyed by Fahmi at the Readiness Roll Call of Voter Data Update Officers (Pantarlih) for the Jakarta gubernatorial election (Pilgub) at the Jakarta International Velodrome, Rawamangun, East Jakarta, on Monday. „Yes, there has been an increase compared to the 2024 General Election. In the 2024 General Election, our number of voters was 8,252,897,“ said Fahmi.

nThe TBRC survey was conducted from April 10-21, 2024, using the multistage random sampling method with 1,688 respondents proportionally distributed across 35 districts/cities in Central Java Province . Data collection was done through face-to-face interviews with the aid of questionnaires. The margin of error is +/-2.3% with a 95% confidence level

According to Fahmi, there has been an increase of 62,000 in the DPT for the 2024 Jakarta Pilkada. This increase was found by KPU Jakarta after synchronizing the List of Potential Voters (DP4) from the Ministry of Home Affairs (Kemendagri) with the DPT from the 2024 General Election. „In the upcoming Pilkada, the number of DPT after synchronization is 8,315,669, so there has been an increase of 62,000 voters,“ he stated. Fahmi explained that the increase in the DPT for the Pilkada occurred due to the high population activity in Jakarta. Therefore, the DPT for the 2024 Jakarta Pilkada can still change. „Population activity in Jakarta is very dynamic. Today there may be 8,315,669 voters in the list, but in a week or a month, there could be changes due to people moving in or out, or deaths,“ he stated.

nThen, Taj Yasin Maimoen was chosen by 11.1%, Bambang Wuryanto or Bambang Pacul by 10.7%, Muhammad Yusuf Chudlori by 9.2%, Dico M Ganinduto by 6.1%, FX Hadi Rudiyatmo by 5.3%, and finally Inspector General Ahmad Luthfi by 4.1%, while 6.9% did not choose on the questionnaire

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