Head of the East Java Provincial Election Supervisory Board (East Java Bawaslu), A Warits, announced that they are continuously encouraging participatory supervision from the public in the conduct of the 2024 Pilkada.

Only one pair of independent candidates for governor and deputy governor of Jakarta submitted their support documents to the Jakarta General Election Commission (KPU) by the deadline. This pair is Dharma Pongrekun-Kun Wardana. The KPU DKI Jakarta officially closed the submission of support documents for prospective governor candidates on Sunday, May 12, 2024, at 11:59 PM WIB. „We announce that as of the deadline for submitting support documents for independent or individual candidates at 11:59 PM WIB, there is only one pair, namely Dharma Pongrekun-Kun Wardana,“ said KPU DKI member Astri Megatari in Jakarta, as reported by Antara.

nPreviously, Jakarta PAN Regional Chairman Eko Hendro Purnomo, also known as Eko Patrio, said that his party would prioritize supporting the gubernatorial candidate backed by the Advanced Indonesia Coalition (KIM) in the 2024 Jakarta Regional Election . He noted that Jakarta residents have several candidate options, such as Sohibul Iman, Ridwan Kamil, and Anies Baswedan. Thus, he is awaiting guidance from KIM on which candidate to support

Adi also sees this as PKS’s effort to anticipate offers from the Coalition of Indonesia’s Progress (KIM), which is seriously considering nominating Ridwan Kamil for Jakarta. „At the same time, PKS is a party that many other contenders are eyeing for vice-candidate slots. For instance, there was a recent offer from the KIM camp for PKS to be Ridwan Kamil’s running mate. In this context, PKS is deliberately putting forward their cadre to anticipate the seriousness of the offer to be Ridwan Kamil’s companion,“ he explained.

However, Anies was not in Jakarta when PKS made the announcement for the Jakarta Pilkada. The former Governor of DKI Jakarta was known to be on vacation in Spain. This was evident from Anies Baswedan’s social media post showing him visiting the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium in Madrid, the capital of Spain.

Gerindra Party Daily Chairman Sufmi Dasco Ahmad refuted the claim that the Advanced Indonesia Coalition (KIM) is considering nominating Anies Baswedan with PSI Chairman Kaesang Pangarep for the Jakarta Regional Election. Dasco emphasized that there has never been a discussion about the Anies-Kaesang pairing within the coalition . „That’s not true, it has never been discussed,“ said Dasco to reporters at the Parliament Complex, Senayan, Jakarta, Thursday (June 20, 2024)

Independent candidates first appeared in the 2012 Jakarta Regional Election. At that time, two independent candidate pairs participated in the Jakarta Regional Election: Hendardji Soepandji-Ahmad Riza Patria and Faisal Basri-Biem Triani Benjamin. After the voting day, the pair Hendardji-Ariza only received 85,990 votes, or 1.98%, placing them in sixth place. Meanwhile, the pair Faisal-Biem came in fourth with 215,935 votes, or 4.98%. The pairs that advanced to the second round were Fauzi Bowo-Nachrowi Ramli (Foke-Nara) and Joko Widodo-Basuki Tjahaja Purnama (Jokowi-Ahok). In the second round, Jokowi-Ahok defeated Foke-Nara and won the 2012 Jakarta Regional Election.

Of the many Pilkada stages, Warits revealed that all stages have vulnerable points for supervision. „The points are in many aspects, right now in the Voter List Update (Pantarlih) stage, later in the candidacy stage. Candidacy must also be supervised, as well as the campaign stage. Campaigns must not violate regulations and must especially avoid intimidation. There should be no intimidation from authorities or election officials who get involved. They must not force people to direct or win certain candidates. I think we must protect this together,“ Warits explained.

Dody mentioned that of the four prospective candidates, Noer Fajriansyah did not apply for Silon access and did not submit the support documents. Sudirman Said requested Silon access from the Jakarta KPU but did not submit the support documents by the deadline. Poempida Hidayatullah also requested Silon access but did not submit the support documents. John Muhammad requested Silon access on the last day for submitting the documents but did not submit the support documents. „So, until Sunday at 11:59 PM WIB, only one prospective independent candidate pair submitted the documents, which we will now verify to see if they meet the initial requirements,“ Dody said.

„Secondly, this is related to PKS’s significantly increased vote share in the legislative elections, where they were the top vote-getter in Jakarta in the 2024 elections. These two variables explain why PKS is nominating their internal cadre,“ he added.

„The stadium may be Bernabeu, but the shirt is still Persija, and the greeting remains Sajete. Am I the first Indonesian to do this?“ wrote Anies Baswedan, as quoted by Liputan6.com from his Instagram account @aniesbaswedan, Tuesday (25/6/2024). Anies posed with the typical Jak Mania gesture, with his thumb and index finger forming the letter J. He was also wearing a Persija football club jersey.

According to Dody, the document review is being conducted in conjunction with the Jakarta Provincial Election Supervisory Board (Bawaslu). He said that only the candidate pair Dharma Pongrekun and Kun Wardana Abyoto submitted support documents through the candidate information system (Silon) and physical documents in the form of citizen support. „They submitted digital files through the Silon application and physical documents in 29 containers, so we are still in the process of reviewing these documents with Bawaslu Province,“ he said. „We are currently counting to determine if the support meets the minimum requirements. If it does, we will issue a receipt. If not, we will issue a return notice,“ he concluded.

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