Head of the National Mandate Party (PAN), Zulkifli Hasan, admitted a meeting involving President Joko Widodo, also known as Jokowi, and the leaders of the government-supporting parties in late May 2024.

This is why he has not yet erected campaign tools such as billboards on the streets. According to him, if he had intentions to contest for DKI Jakarta governor, banners promoting him would already be scattered on the streets. „If I had indications for Jakarta, there would probably be banners, declarations, but not yet,“ he said, as quoted by Antara.

This brings his name closer to fighting in Jakarta. However, parties in the Advanced Indonesia Coalition (KIM), for instance Golkar, are still weighing whether to advance Ridwan Kamil, If you are you looking for more about pilkada Sumut bobby nagita visit the site. also known as RK, in the 2024 Jakarta Pilkada. One reason is the possibility to win the West Java Pilkada. Nevertheless, RK is considered the most promising candidate. Despite this, the environment remains very dynamic.

At this gathering, he introduced the governor candidate for Lampung, chosen by the Head of Gerindra Party, Subianto Prabowo, namely Djausal Rahmat Mirzani, to contest in the upcoming regional election. Presently, Djausal Mirzani Rahmat is serving as the Chairman of the Lampung DPD Gerindra. „For Lampung, Mr. Prabowo has determined that the individual thought appropriate to be the governor of Lampung is Mr. Rahmat Djausal. The appointment of Djausal as the candidate for governor by Mr. Prabowo is not without considering the views, recommendations, and thoughts he has heard from numerous local leaders, specialists, and clerics in Lampung,“ said Muzani in his address. He hopes that the presentation of Rahmat as a gubernatorial candidate might be the commencement for Lampung to attain more blessings. Muzani also asked all Gerindra Lampung administrators to unite to win Djausal as the next governor of Lampung in the forthcoming regional election. Nevertheless, he said, this presentation is not merely for attaining power. As per the message of the elected president, Subianto Prabowo, power must be used to defend the rights of the people. „The critical aspect is that power must be utilized as a instrument to fight for justice and the rights of the people. Justice is a principle we have consented to in our national unity,“ he said. „Hence, as stated by Mr. Subianto, power must be utilized to protect the needy, ensure truth and justice, achieve justice, attain well-being, and foster a feeling of safety for all citizens of Indonesia,“ said the MPR Deputy Chairman. Urged to Care for the People As per Muzani, providing security and feeding for all people is the duty of a state. Therefore, Mr. Prabowo has launched a initiative of free lunch and milk for all scholars in schools and religious schools. „Feeding the people and creating a sense of safety for the citizens is a basic right for all Indonesians and {humanity|humans|

– Registration of Candidate Pairs (August 27, 2024)
– Review of Candidate Requirements (August 27, 2024)
– Determination of Candidate Pairs (September 22, 2024)
– Campaign Period (September 25 – November 23, 2024)
– Voting Day (November 27, 2024)
– Vote Counting and Recapitulation of Vote Results (November 27 – December 16, 2024)

Irawan noted that the data found the acceptance levels of prospective candidates for Jember. The acceptance level of Siswanto is only 48.7 percent, under 50 percent, while the former regent Faida has an acceptance level of 78.6 percent. Meanwhile, M. Fawait has an approval rating of 53 percent, and other figures such as Jaddin Wajads, Achmad Sudiyono, and Hadi Supaat all have acceptance levels below 50 percent. „From the JJI survey, the voter preference (Top of Mind) of F. Faida as a candidate for regent for Jember holds the first rank with 37.7 percent. In second place is Hendy Siswanto with an electability of 20.7 percent, followed by Fawait with an voter preference of 17.7 percent,“ he clarified. Other figures, like Jaddin Wajads, have 4.6 percent, and H. Supaat has 3.6 percent, with other figures below 2 percent.

Regarding the voter participation rate in the regional elections, Ummi said that the West Java KPU targets more than 75 percent participation. The total number of voters in West Java is estimated to be around 35-36 million.

Ummi explained that approximately IDR 90 billion will be allocated to regencies and cities, meaning nearly 80 percent is claimed to be distributed to 27 regencies and cities. „There are seven budget items shared by the province,“ she said.

„However, the provincial KPU policy is to optimize this to no more than 600 voters per TPS. This means that from the previous 147,451 TPS, there will certainly be merged TPS because the number of voters per TPS has increased according to the regulations,“ Ummi continued.

Secretary-General of the National Mandate Party (PAN) Eddy Soeparno said that the Advanced Indonesia Coalition (KIM) agreed to endorse the same candidate in several regions participating in the 2024 Simultaneous Pilkada. „We mentioned from the beginning that the Advanced Indonesia Coalition, especially for the DKI Pilkada, we will agree to endorse a uniform candidate pair, and