President Joko Widodo, also known as Jokowi, is reluctant to comment on the 2024 Central Java Regional Election (Pilkada) .

KPU RI Chairman Hasyim Asy’ari, along with Secretary General Bernad Dermawan Sutrisno, and other members Idham Holik and Yulianto Sudrajat. Representatives from the KPU of 38 provinces throughout Indonesia, as well as officials from the Ministry of Home Affairs, Bawaslu, DKPP, and other related agencies, were also in attendance.

Ali stressed that as a gubernatorial candidate, he has an obligation to establish relationships with political parties. „Why is the Deputy Chairman of the NasDem Party here? I mentioned that my presence here is in my capacity as a gubernatorial candidate,“ explained Ahmad Ali. „As a gubernatorial candidate, it is my obligation to build relationships with political parties,“ he added.

At this gathering, he presented the gubernatorial candidate for Lampung, decided by the Head of Gerindra Party, Prabowo Subianto, In the event you adored this informative article along with you wish to get details regarding ahy rekomendasi pilkada sulteng kindly pay a visit to our own web site. namely Rahmat Mirzani Djausal, to stand in the 2024 Regional Election. At present, Rahmat Djausal serves as the Lampung DPD Gerindra Chairman. „In Lampung, Prabowo has concluded that the candidate deemed suitable to be the Lampung’s governor is Mr. Rahmat Djausal. The selection of Djausal as the gubernatorial candidate by Mr. Subianto is after considering the perspectives, advice, and thoughts he has gathered from various village leaders, experts, and clerics in Lampung,“ said Muzani in his address. He also hopes that the announcement of Djausal as a gubernatorial candidate could be the beginning for Lampung to attain more blessings. He also asked all Gerindra Lampung administrators to come together to secure Djausal as the Lampung governor in the upcoming regional election. Nonetheless, he said, this announcement is not just for achieving power. As per the message of the elected president, Prabowo Subianto, power must be used to protect the rights of the people. „The key point is that power must be used as a means to advocate for truth and justice and the privileges of the people. Integrity is a principle we have agreed upon in our nationhood,“ he said. „Thus, as mentioned by Mr. Subianto, power must be employed to safeguard the needy, maintain justice, attain fairness, achieve wealth, and foster a sense of safety for all people of Indonesia,“ said the Deputy Chairman of MPR. Called to Care for the People As stated by Muzani, ensuring safety and feeding for all people is the duty of a state. Hence, Subianto has initiated a initiative of free meals and milk for all students in schools and religious schools. „Supplying meals to the people and ensuring a sense of safety for the citizens is a fundamental right for all people of Indonesia and {humanity|humans|

KPU RI Chairman Hasyim Asy’ari said that the Information Recapitulation System (Sirekap), claimed to be a vote counting tool during the 2024 Election, will be used again for the 2024 Regional Elections. Since the election and regional election models differ, a new design is being made. „Sirekap is planned to be used for the 2024 Regional Elections because initially, Sirekap was first used in the 2020 Regional Elections. The design and so on are being prepared,“ said Hasyim at the DPR RI, quoted on Thursday (16/5/2024).

In a significant decision, KPPS members for the 2024 Election and Regional Elections will receive financial rewards with salaries twice as large as those in the previous election in 2019. This decision is outlined in the Minister of Finance’s Letter No. S-647/MK.02/2022 dated August 5, 2022.

„No, there hasn’t been any,“ said Hendrar when met after the 10th-anniversary celebration of the Ganjar Grassroots Network Volunteers (Jangkar Baja) in South Jakarta, Friday (April 10, 2024), as reported by Antara

nThe TBRC survey was conducted from April 10-21, 2024, using the multistage random sampling method with 1,688 respondents proportionally distributed across 35 districts/cities in Central Java Province . Data collection was conducted through face-to-face interviews with the aid of questionnaires. The margin of error is +/-2.3% with a 95% confidence level

„Ahmad Ali 30.8%, Anwar Hafid 19%, Rusdy Mastura 8.2%, Ma’mun Amir 5.5%, Irwan Lapatta 3.6%, Hidayat Lamakarate 3.5%. Don’t know or didn’t answer 29.4%,“ according to Indikator Politik Indonesia, Monday (June 24, 2024) .

Moreover, the voter base of the Ali-Abdul pair was also a factor for PSI in recommending them. „Even though we have many potential cadres in Central Sulawesi, we must be realistic, this pair is the strongest and aligns with us, so why not,“ said Kaesang .

Within the framework of the General Election, the Polling Station Working Committee (KPPS) plays a crucial role. They are at the forefront in ensuring that the voting process runs smoothly and according to the applicable regulations.

Hasyim assured that if the Sirekap model for the 2024 Regional Elections is ready, it will be presented to the relevant commission in the DPR RI. „When it’s ready, we will report it in the hearing session with Commission II of the DPR,“ said Hasyim.