Solve doubts! Pros and cons of orthodontics?

Free photo detailed shot of a girl eating cornI believe that many people are familiar with the innovation of dentistry known as „orthodontics“ already. Due to the fact that in this era, many people receive orthodontic treatment. which helps in the alignment of the teeth to look naturally beautiful Some people like the beauty of having braces attached. But how many people still neglect or don’t really know the advantages and disadvantages?
Today, Idol Smile Dental Clinic would like to answer questions about orthodontics for everyone to know in detail the advantages and disadvantages. These can be helpful in deciding whether you are fit and want to have braces, as follows:

What is orthodontics ?
Orthodontics is the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of tooth eruption disorders by arranging them in the correct and proper position. for a better chewing system including fixing problems with occlusal teeth that may impair personality to regain the confidence to speak and smile again including helping in terms of facial structure and the shape of the face as well

Advantages of orthodontics ?
– to make damaged teeth Not arranged in a mess, overlapping each other, coming back to look good, orderly, beautiful and have a good personality. Especially in the era where everyone competes with each other in terms of personality and image. Having a good personality often gives you many opportunities. Orthodontics can therefore be regarded as a good investment for your future
. There is no abnormally good occlusal teeth. and chew food better while the teeth are not in shape
– Orthodontics for good oral health and teeth Because if left with overlapping teeth, crooked teeth, or protruding teeth without orthodontic correction Often have tooth decay problems more easily than people with normal teeth. because food particles can enter the gap between the teeth or more easily overlapping and more difficult to clean This results in unclean oral health and unhealthy teeth. Which definitely creates problems in the long run.
– Reduce the occurrence of bad breath. Because people with neatly arranged teeth will be able to clean the mouth easily. And is cleaner than people who have problems with teeth overlap, occlusal or crooked teeth, thus making orthodontic treatment can help reduce bad breath from food residues that are difficult to clean.
– Orthodontics change habits and behaviors There are many people who have braces and change their habits to love oral hygiene. Take care of your mouth and teeth more thoroughly than when you haven’t had braces. Because orthodontics is one of the attracting behaviors of oral treatment
– ​​there are some people who have braces and their faces look better. itself from the mouth that is swelled or not completely closed from the protruding teeth Back to normal, thus making the shape of the face structure change in a much better way.
– Help in indirect eating behavior. For those who want to eat something to eat. eat whenever and wherever Definitely won’t be able to do it with braces. Because it may be difficult after eating to clean. Psychologically, it helps to reduce time-consuming cravings
– helps to speak more clearly. For some people who have problems with their front teeth, such as having open occlusal incisors. will make the pronunciation not clear when speaking But if you have braces, you can make your speech clearer.

Disadvantages of orthodontics ?
– Complete orthodontic use and are quite expensive
– In some cases, many natural permanent teeth may have to be extracted
– In the early stages of orthodontic treatment may have a problem with hanging mouth Because there are orthodontic devices
– in the early stages there may be problems with oral ulcers. Due to being cut by some orthodontic devices such as wires
– it takes about 2-4 years for the teeth to fit into place
– causing a nuisance while eating Because food particles tend to get stuck in the braces
– slurred speech in the early stages of orthodontic treatment. Because there is no habituation
– when the orthodontic equipment is removed in the early stages. Teeth may look uneven
– some people may feel that their teeth are weak.

all this is advantages – disadvantages In the orthodontics that Idol Smile has compiled for readers to use in making decisions. But one thing I want to say is What is bad is not beautiful should be modified to fit For good oral health and strong teeth because teeth will be with us for the rest of our lives.