Survey agency Ide Cipta Research and Consulting (ICRC) published the latest survey results prior to the Jambi Governor Election 2024.

As per Sufmi Dasco Ahmad, the Daily Chairman of the Gerindra Party, this idea is viewed by his party as merely an aspiration. „Yes, the current situation is merely a discourse in the media, and we consider it just an aspiration and it hasn’t reached the level of party discussions within the Advanced Indonesia Coalition,“ said Dasco at Rumah Kertanegara, South Jakarta, on Friday, (June 7, 2024). Meanwhile, Kaesang stated that the determination regarding his nomination for the 2024 Jakarta Pilkada will be decided in August. „As I stated before, wait for the surprise in August,“ remarked Kaesang at the PSI Office in Jakarta, on Friday (June 7, 2024). He hinted that there is a surprise about whether he will run in the 2024 Jakarta Pilkada. The youngest son of President Jokowi asked everyone to be patient as the registration for the candidates for governor and deputy governor via political parties will begin from August 27 to August 29, 2024. „The registration is still a long way off, it’s still in August, late August. Be patient,“ he stated, according to Antara. Previously, on Wednesday, May 29, 2024, Sufmi Dasco Ahmad, the Chairman of the Daily Board of the Gerindra Party, posted a photo of Budisatrio Djiwandono alongside Kaesang Pangarep on his personal Instagram account @sufmi_dasco, with the caption „For Jakarta 2024.“ In addition to pairing Budisatrio with Kaesang, Dasco also posted a photo of Budisatrio with celebrity Raffi Ahmad in the style of a pair campaign flyer on his personal Instagram. On Thursday, April 18, 2024, Ahmad Muzani, the Secretary-General of the Gerindra Party, mentioned that the figure being prepared for the Jakarta Pilkada is still being finalized. The Gerindra Party has several young candidates, including Budisatrio Djiwandono and Moreno Soeprapto. „We have a strong candidate, especially a fresh and young figure,“ he said at the Parliament Complex, Senayan, Jakarta. Claimed Prohibition by Jokowi, Kaesang Pangarep: That’s Mr. Zulhas’s Version of the Story Head of the Indonesian Solidarity Party (PSI), Kaesang Pangarep, also responded the claim that he was prohibited by President Jokowi from running in the Jakarta Pilkada. As per Kaesang, that version belongs to the Head of the National Mandate Party (PAN), Zulkifli Hasan, alias Zulhas. „That’s Mr. Zulhas’s version of the story,“ he said. He then threw the question back to the media. „So, have you listened to my side of the story yet?“ questioned Kaesang. Upon receiving this, a number of journalists asked him to explain, but Kaesang opted to decline. „It’s a secret,“ said Kaesang before leaving. If you cherished this article therefore you would like to get more info concerning pilkada jabar golkar emil ( i implore you to visit the web-site. Previously, the Chairman of the National Mandate Party (PAN), Zulkifli Hasan, said that President Jokowi forbade his youngest son, Kaesang Pangarep, from running for the Jakarta gubernatorial election. „Earlier, I asked the President after the meeting. ‚Sir, what about Kaesang running for Jakarta deputy governor?‘ ‚Oh no,‘ he said, ‚Don’t do it, Mr. Zul,'“ Zulhas stated at the PAN DPP, South Jakarta, on Monday, (June 3, 2024). Zulkifli Hasan earlier proposed that Kaesang pair up with Zita Anjani in the Jakarta Pilkada because he desired Jakarta to be led by young people. „Kaesang is young, I even proposed it before, ‚Sir, I suggested it a year ago, what if Jakarta is led by young people, Kaesang.‘ That was about a year ago, if I’m not mistaken,“ he mentioned. Although the Supreme Court (MA) had altered the age limit for regional head candidates, giving Kaesang the chance to run for the Jakarta gubernatorial election, Jokowi still forbade it. „‚Now it’s allowed, Sir.‘ I said earlier, yes, then who is the one who challenged it, right. Now it’s permissible, it was legally contested. ‚Don’t do it, Mr. Zul,‘ that’s about it,“ he concluded. PSI Secretary-General Says No Internal Discussion Yet About Kaesang Running for 2024 Pilkada Head of the Indonesian Solidarity Party (PSI), Kaesang Pangarep, has the potential to run as a gubernatorial candidate after the Supreme Court (MA) issued a regulation concerning the age of regional head candidates. However, there hasn’t been any confirmation from Kaesang on whether he will run for regional head. Kaesang has been rumored to participate in the Jakarta gubernatorial election after his poster appeared alongside Gerindra politician and Prabowo’s nephew, Budi Djiwandono. The Secretary-General of PSI, Raja Juli Antoni, stated that there hasn’t been any internal discussion regarding the youngest son of President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) running in the 2024 Pilkada. „No (internal discussion yet),“ stated Antoni at the Presidential Palace Complex, Jakarta, on Monday (June 3, 2024). Antoni mentioned that whether Kaesang will run this year depends on Kaesang himself. Furthermore, the coalition parties of the Advanced Indonesia Coalition (KIM) need to deliberate whether it is beneficial for Kaesang to run in the Pilkada or not. „Ask Mas Kaesang,“ he said. „It depends on Mas Kaesang and KIM what’s best,“ added Antoni. **2024 Pilkada Schedule** Here is the schedule for the 2024 Pilkada stages: 1. February 27—November 16, 2024: Notification and enrollment of election monitors 2. April 24—May 31, 2024: Submission of the potential voter list 3. May 5—August 19, 2024: Fulfillment of the requirements for individual candidate support 4. May 31—September 23, 2024: Updating and compilation of