The Deputy Secretary General of the National Awakening Party (PKB), Syaiful Huda, considers the decision by PKS to pair Anies Baswedan and Sohibul Iman as very dangerous and likely to close the door for other political parties (parpol) interested in supporting Anies in the 2024 Jakarta Regional Elections.

Huda believes that PKS’s decision to immediately pair Anies Baswedan and Sohibul Iman is a mistake. „The problem is that pairing Mas Anies and Mas Sohibul Iman immediately is, in my view, a blunder,“ he said. Huda noted that pairing Anies Baswedan with Sohibul Iman closes the door for other political parties to join the coalition. „This will close the door for other parties to collaborate with this coalition,“ he said.

**Residents Prepare KK and E-KTP** „The results of the DP4 synchronization with the latest DPT voters are the basis for the coklit process, matching and research, which we will validate to see if the 8,315,669 voters‘ data is truly valid or not,“ stated. Furthermore, Fahmi hopes that residents can prepare several population documents to facilitate Pantarlih officers during the coklit process. Residents are requested to prepare their e-KTP and family card (KK).

„Until July 24, we will conduct voter data coklit, where we want to ensure that all eligible residents of DKI Jakarta are included and recorded in our voter data,“ said Fahmi. According to Fahmi, Pantarlih officers will visit each resident from house to house to match and verify the accuracy of residents‘ data with the voter list and existing population documents. Fahmi stated that his party has received the Potential Voter Population List (Daftar Penduduk Potensial Pemilih Pemilihan) from the Ministry of Home Affairs (Kemendagri). At least, Fahmi said there are 8,315,669 voters in the Final Voter List (DPT).

The coklit process will be carried out by voter data updating officers (Pantarlih). At least 29,315 Pantarlih officers have been officially inaugurated by the KPU DKI Jakarta. This was announced by the Head of Data and Information Division of KPU DKI Jakarta, Fahmi Zikrillah, at the Readiness Ceremony of Voter Data Updating Officers (Pantarlih) for the gubernatorial election (Pemilihan Gubernur) at the Jakarta International Velodrome, Rawamangun, East Jakarta, on June 24, 2024.

According to this decision, the salary or honorarium for the PPS chairman is Rp 1.5 million per month, for PPS members is Rp 1.3 million per month, for the secretary is Rp 1.15 million per month, and for administrative and technical staff is Rp 1.05 million per month .

a. Announce the provisional voter list
b. Receive input from the public regarding the provisional voter list
c. Make corrections and announce the corrected provisional voter list
d. Announce the final voter list and report it to the Regency/City KPU through PPK
e. Implement all stages of the election at the village/sub-district level or other names as determined by KPU, Provincial KPU, Regency/City KPU, and PPK
f. Collect vote counting results from all TPS in its working area
g. Submit the vote counting results of all TPS to PPK
h. Conduct evaluations and make reports on each stage of the election in its working area
i. Conduct socialization on the implementation of the election and/or related to the duties and authorities of PPS to the public
j. Perform other tasks assigned by KPU, Provincial KPU, Regency/City KPU, and PPK according to the provisions of laws and regulations
k. Perform other tasks according to the provisions of laws and regulations

PKS does not close the door to forming a coalition with the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDIP) after officially nominating Anies Baswedan-Sohibul Iman as the gubernatorial and vice-gubernatorial candidates for the 2024 Jakarta Pilkada. „Yes, it is very possible (to form a coalition with PDIP),“ said Syaikhu at the opening of the Party Leadership School at the Grand Sahid Hotel, Central Jakarta, Tuesday (25/6/2024).

[video: VIDEO: KPU DKI Jakarta Closes the Door on Anies and Ahok Duo in 2024 Regional Election](

Death compensation is Rp 36 million per person, permanent disability is Rp 30.80 million per person, severe injury is Rp 16.50 million per person, moderate injury is Rp 8.25 million per person, and funeral assistance is Rp 10 million per person.

Suherman, with his broad bureaucratic background, is seen as the right figure to improve Majalengka. This was expressed by Political Analyst from Bandung Islamic University, Fuady M. E.. He said that E. Suherman, the Majalengka Sekda holds very important resources to contest Majalengka regent. According to him, the prospects for Eman of being voted in as the next Majalengka Regent are very likely. „This can be a very important resource because experience is irreplaceable,“ said M. E. Fuady in a formal announcement, Sunday (9/6/2024). According to him, there is a change in patterns in the 2024 Regional Elections (Pilkada). Muhammad Fuady said that incumbents are currently not being highly regarded by Indonesian society. Conversely, he said, candidates from the bureaucracy, like regional secretaries, are bringing a new perspective in the country. „I see that in various regions, many Sekda are running for office. This indicates that they are well-versed in managing public administration and GCG,“ explained M. E. Fuady.

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