The East Java General Election Commission (KPU) unveiled the jingle and mascot for the 2024 East Java Elections during the launch ceremony for the East Java Governor and Deputy Governor Election 2024 in Surabaya on Tuesday evening (4/6/2024).

„One thing to watch out for in every democratic event amid the rapid digitalization and social media is the susceptibility to the spread of hoaxes and hate speech with ethnic, religious, racial, and inter-group (SARA) nuances, which have the potential to create polarization that can divide the unity of society,“ said Edy in Palangka Raya, quoted from Antara, Friday (June 21, 2024) . [Read More](5625096 5625037 5624160)

Agus is the sibling of Yunanto Devid Agus, the former Personal Assistant (Aspri) to President Joko Widodo, also known as President Jokowi. Agus Irawan is said to be aiming to become a Boyolali Regent candidate through the Gerindra Party in the 2024 local election. „Yes, it’s true, he plans to run in the Boyolali local election from the Gerindra,“ said R. Junaidi, Secretary of Gerindra Boyolali DPC, as quoted from a press release on Monday (10/6/2024). He mentioned, Agus is currently still employed as a civil servant (PNS) in the City Government of Solo, Central Java Province. In addition, Agus is also known as an entrepreneur in the wood or furniture industry. „Yes, an ASN at Dispora Solo,“ he said. Rahmad mentioned that his political party would recommend Agus as a participant in the 2024 Boyolali Pilkada. He mentioned that Agus I. had expressed his readiness to resign as in accordance with Law Number 20 of 2023 concerning the State Civil Apparatus (ASN). In Law Number 20 of 2023 concerning State Apparatus, Article 56 and Article 59 Paragraph (3) state that top madya officials and senior pratama officials who intend to run for governor and vice governor, regent and deputy regent, mayor and deputy mayor must resign in writing from civil service when they become candidates. If you liked this short article and you would such as to receive more facts regarding informasi pantarlih pilkada 2024 kindly go to the web-page. „It is supposed to be that way (resign from the civil service) and he is ready (to resign). After the nomination, the process of resignation will begin, at the end of July or early August 2024, according to the planned schedule,“ explained Rahmad. Devid Became Jokowi’s Assistant Since Becoming Mayor of Solo Before this, a 14-second video circulated showing Agus I. standing straight and saluting. The video featured the words #AGUSIRAWAN #MAJUBOYOLALI #GERAKANPEDULIBOYOLALI at the bottom. Besides Irawan, the Boyolali branch of Gerindra has received two other applicants. They are Jumari, an {entrepreneur from Wonogiri Regency|businessman from Wonogiri|entrepreneur based in

The meeting addressed economic inflation and the 2024 local elections (Pilkada). „Oh yes, when party leaders meet, they talk about many things. But what we talked about was inflation. We also discussed the Pilkada,“ Zulkifli Hasan told reporters in the Complex of the Presidential Palace in Jakarta, on June 14, 2024. Zulhas mentioned he proposed ex-Governor of West Java, Ridwan Kamil, to be nominated for the 2023 Jakarta Pilkada. According to him, the proposal was agreed upon by the party chairpersons who attended the gathering. „Yes, I proposed Ridwan Kamil for Jakarta, and everyone agreed,“ he remarked. When asked whether Kaesang might accompany Ridwan Kamil in the 2024 Jakarta Pilkada, Zulkifli Hasan mentioned that it had not been determined yet. However, he stated that the party leaders required Kaesang to secure the Pilkada. „Yes, I think. I reported at that time to the President whether Kaesang could. The President responded, ‚No‘. But the parties require him,“ he added. „Yes, but the parties need him. For what? To win,“ continued. He believes that Ridwan Kamil wouldn’t mind whoever accompanies him in the 2024 Jakarta Pilkada, as long as it brings victory. Zulhas mentioned that Ridwan Kamil’s deputy will be discussed by the party leaders. „Mr. RK (Ridwan Kamil) is fine with anyone as long as they ensure victory. As long as they win, we will discuss,“ noted Zulkifli Hasan.

KPU RI Chairman Hasyim Asy’ari said that the Information Recapitulation System (Sirekap), claimed to be a vote counting aid during the 2024 Election, will be used again for the 2024 Regional Elections. Since the election and regional election models differ, a new design is being developed. „Sirekap is planned to be used for the 2024 Regional Elections because it was first used in the 2020 Regional Elections. The design and other aspects are being prepared,“ said Hasyim at the DPR RI, quoted on Thursday (16/5/2024).

Hasyim assured that if the Sirekap model for the 2024 Regional Elections is ready, it will be presented to the relevant commission in the DPR RI. „When it’s ready, we will report it in the hearing session with Commission II of the DPR,“ said Hasyim.

The outcomes indicate that three candidates are contending in the 2024 Jember election: Faida, the former Regent of Jember (2016-2021), Muhammad Fawait from the East Java DPRD, and Hendy Siswanto, who is the sitting regent. „The survey results reveal that Hendy Siswanto and Faida are very well-known by the people of Jember, with recognition levels exceeding 80 percent. 82.7 percent of the people know Faida, 78.7 percent know Hendy Siswanto, and 65.7 percent are aware of Muhammad Fawait. Other candidates, such as Jaddin Wajads, Head of National Education Department (Kadiknas) Achmad Sudiyono, and PDI Perjuangan cadre Hadi Supaat, have popularity ratings below 40 percent,“ said Agusta in a formal statement on Saturday.