There are 5 types of orthodontic styles.

metal braces
It is general metal braces. The device is firmly attached to the teeth. which we see each other often with bright colors Popular with young people The price is not very high but need to see a dentist every months to adjust braces

Ceramic braces
It is a fixed type that uses tooth-colored braces. The color is close to the color of real teeth. when looking from afar I can’t see that I’m having braces. It looks like a clear ceramic bracket and a clear O-ring rubber band. The wire is silver metal. Suitable for all ages and professions.

Damon Braces Damon
braces are a good choice for anyone who wants painless braces. Thanks to the unique technology of hinged tools and special wires that make the teeth move smoothly. less oral irritation and can clean teeth more easily because there is no rubber band

STb light lingual braces on the inside.
It’s braces that people can’t see. because the tool is attached to the inside or back of the tooth Suitable for those who want to have braces but don’t want to see braces when talking or smiling.

Invisalign clear braces
Clear braces are braces that do not require braces on your teeth. The apparatus is a thin sheet of clear material that is created by scanning the teeth in combination with bone and facial X-rays. so that dentists can design an appropriate treatment plan together with the use of modern computer programs to create the most suitable orthodontic equipment for each patient, can be removed and put on by yourself, suitable for those who do not want to wear braces firmly attached Most of the service recipients are those who want to have braces but don’t want to wear braces.

Advantages of orthodontics
For beauty and for a better personality, teeth look beautiful.
for good oral health and teeth It can help reduce the risk of tooth decay and gingivitis.
The face shape is fit and looks better. or the face looks more slender
orthodontics is a fashion arranged and looks cute
Helps reduce bad breath because brushing teeth are not clean especially in people with disorganized teeth
orthodontic procedures
Make an appointment with your dentist to discuss the problem and plan a treatment.
The dentist will make a tooth print. to save details and have a dental X-ray to see the structure of the face and jaw
Check your teeth first to see if you need to treat your teeth first, such as tooth extraction, filling, gum disease, root canal treatment, etc., because it needs to be healed before wearing braces. This is for strength and for effective orthodontic treatment.
Listen to advice, guidelines, and agree on the cost of orthodontics with your dentist.
The dentist will install braces for you. At first, you will feel some pain. (depending on the method of orthodontic treatment) but the symptoms will gradually improve and heal within 1-2 weeks.