9 types of teeth that should be arranged and everything you want to know about orthodontics

Orthodontics is a treatment for abnormalities in the body. It’s not cosmetic surgery, facials, manicures, and dentists aren’t beauticians. Therefore, the beauty of orthodontics So it’s just a by-product. it doesn’t mean With braces, everyone must be beautiful.
People who expect too much about beauty to be true. I may feel disappointed. Some people say that if I could go back in time, I wouldn’t have braces. because the arrangement was not as expected The face does not change, the face is not slender, and there is also a burden to wear a retainer as a free gift.
some abnormal occlusal If the symptoms are not serious It doesn’t need treatment. It can be said that without braces, one can live and not die.
don’t believe Advertisements for braces that say they’re faster, less painful, and take 3 months to a year to heal because there isn’t enough scientific evidence to support it.
Will you have to have your teeth extracted? Do I need surgery? Or what will the results of orthodontics be? It depends on the knowledge and experience of the dentist and yourself, not much about the type or price of braces.
Where to get braces This is up to the consumer to choose. Take it easy. We want to have braces with a doctor with any level of knowledge. how expensive How beautiful is the clinic? have the right to choose or if you want to have braces with a specialist want orthodontics with a specialized dentist We also have the right to choose.

Braces 101
Knowledge of Orthodontics (BRACES 101) What do you want to know? about orthodontics What is orthodontics? What can I do with braces? Who is an orthodontist? What are the disadvantages of braces? Can orthodontics adjust the face shape? Orthodontics and your face is slender or not? urgent braces Fast Orthodontics 6-12 Months, Which Orthodontic Tool Is Best? Do I have to wear a retainer for life? Which teeth need to be arranged? Where to get braces? We can „arrange“ everything that we think you want to know. About orthodontics, keep it here in one place.

What is orthodontics?
orthodontics (Orthodontics) is the treatment of malocclusion. Alignment of teeth, occlusion, including jaw abnormalities affecting the face by using force to move the teeth to the proper position through various orthodontic instruments according to biomechanics (Biomechanics), which dentists These forces are designed and controlled.

The result of treatment is better teeth better chewing of food Reduce the chance of tooth wear due to improper occlusal When teeth are not stacked, no gaps, no gaps, it helps to clean teeth easier. Therefore, it may reduce the risk of tooth decay and gum disease. and may help to look better Because the teeth are arranged beautifully.

Orthodontics isn’t just about keeping your teeth straight. It’s not just causing your teeth to collapse. Not just the iron It’s not just changing tires every day. like fashion braces or any fuss, let the doctor pull the teeth, pull hard, pull it all, brother Pull it in without thinking. teeth will come in soon as some people understand

All the braces we see in the mouth. It’s just the tip of the iceberg. What this is all about is „forced“, which requires thinking, analysis, design and planning by a dentist. which is something the patient cannot see

Who is an orthodontist?
orthodontics It is one of the specialties of Dentistry. Orthodontists in particular are „Orthodontist“ or what we call „orthodontist“

orthodontist Are all dentists providing orthodontic services? The answer is „no“.

orthodontist Orthodontists must complete a bachelor’s degree in general dentistry for 6 years and then have to complete a course in orthodontics specifically. by studying full-time for an additional 2-4 years from the university Upon completion of the course, you will be awarded a degree in orthodontics such as an advanced graduate certificate, master’s degree or doctorate degree. Certified by the Dental Council (1) Consumers can search for a list of orthodontists. From the website of the Association of Orthodontists of Thailand

If the dentist who orthodontists for you There is no name in this association.

All dentists with professional licenses have the right to treat all oral diseases including orthodontics legally in the role of a general dentist by doing it under the ability There is no law that Must be a dentist in orthodontics only So it can provide orthodontic services to patients.

However, when it comes to health and physical Many people also want themselves and their children. received treatment from a specialized doctor So who is a dentist specializing in orthodontics?

because the law stipulates that Only dentists who have „Approved certificate or diploma“ from the Dental Council of Thailand only to be called an expert or a specialized dentist Therefore, dentists specializing in orthodontics is an orthodontist (Orthodontists) who passed the exam until receiving approval for a certificate or certificate of a specialist in orthodontics from the Dental Council We can find a dentist specializing in orthodontics. from the website of the Royal College of Dentistry of Thailand which is an agency under the Dental Council

For high school students who want to become orthodontists

In conclusion, one must complete a bachelor’s degree in general dentistry 6 years ago, and then have to complete an additional course in orthodontics for an additional 2-4 years from the university. certified by the Dental Council Therefore, it can be called an orthodontist. (Orthodontists) and idolsmiledental.com if that orthodontist does additional examinations until receiving approval for a certificate or certificate of a specialist in the field of orthodontics From the Dental Council (1) to be called an expert or a dentist specializing in orthodontics