Advantages of orthodontics

Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry that is specialized for diagnosis. Preventing and treating abnormalities of the teeth to be in the correct position and have a better chewing system. Most treatments use braces to help correct misalignment and occlusal malocclusion. It also helps to adjust the structure and shape of the face to be better and more beautiful. Orthodontics can be done from childhood to adulthood.

Advantages of orthodontics

for beauty and enhancing good personality Having a beautiful smile will make the owner of the smile have a good personality, assertiveness and charm, answering the needs of today’s people who use their appearance. Occupational personality People with good smiles and personality tend to get better chances. Therefore, orthodontics is considered a good investment for a better future.
improve the efficiency of teeth when having better teeth It will help with chewing food more thoroughly and better than before.
for good oral health and teeth This makes it possible to clean teeth and oral cavity more efficiently. Helps reduce tooth decay and gingivitis
Helps reduce bad breath due to unclean brushing , especially in those who have disorganized teeth Orthodontics helps to reduce bad breath problems.
Change habits to become disciplined people.
The face shape is fit and looks better. or the face looks more slender
Orthodontics is a trendy fashion. and helps to increase the distinctiveness of others to remember us more easily
help to control weight Because orthodontics requires me to be meticulous in choosing food. Makes the period of braces may lose weight.
In those who have problems with gap teeth or teeth that have an open occlusal appearance (Bite the noodles without breaking) after orthodontic treatment It will help to have a more accurate and clear pronunciation. Especially the sound of „Sor Suea“

Free vector dental health flat cartoon with oral hygiene symbols vector illustrationWhen it comes to orthodontics, many people will think that there are only a few types. because we see Some people have fashion braces. Some people have serious braces that take years. Which today I will come to explain about orthodontics correctly and in detail.

orthodontics is
Treatment of abnormal teeth in order to correct the proper position, order, look beautiful, including a better face shape. will notice that People who have braces on their front teeth will become more slender. In which good orthodontics can be done well in the period of 10-14 years up to adults. In which there are many forms of orthodontics as follows: