Anticipated modifications to online bingo in Canada

Although bingo is predominantly enjoyed in the United Kingdom, it has gained significant popularity in various other countries, with Canada being one such country. However, similar to the situation with sports wagering and casino games, Canadians have been restricted to signing up with offshore bingo operators, primarily those licensed from the European territories of Gibraltar and Malta, for many years. The rationale behind this is that the Criminal Code of Canada strictly prohibits all forms of gambling, with rummy wealth the exception of lotteries and casinos operated by provincial governments via their respective websites (e.g., PlayNow and OLG sites in British Columbia and Ontario).

Up until now, bingo enthusiasts in Canada have had limited access to sites such as Bingo Liner and Wink Bingo, which are both situated in the United Kingdom. And despite the fact that both of these sites provide a wide variety of slots and 90-ball and 75-ball bingo, the majority of their visitors are British, and their chat rooms are filled with British players and discourse!

Furthermore, it would be highly advantageous to inform our Canadian readers that in the near future, bingo operators in Canada will have the capacity to provide their own customized products in an upcoming regulated market in Canada. We are delighted to inform you that this is precisely what we anticipate within the next 12 to 24 months. Recent publications on gambling regulation suggest that the Canadian government is laying the foundation for a shift toward local licensing and a market where private gambling companies can offer their services to Canadian gamblers.

However, how and why has this occurred?

Establishing a completely regulated wagering industry in Canada has been a long-term objective, with several attempts to pass legislation through parliament. However, these my 11 circle endeavors have been consistently thwarted until now.

This year, in response to the pandemic, in an effort to generate revenue through taxes, and with an eye on the successful implementation of regulation by their southern neighbors, Canadian lawmakers have changed their minds. Private Members Bill C-218, which establishes the framework for lawful single-event sports wagering, was ultimately ratified and granted royal assent in the summer of 2021.

This event is considered a turning point in Canadian wagering law history, with ramifications that extend beyond the mere legalization of sports betting within the nation. This will enable provincial government websites to provide sports markets for their clientele, while also creating opportunities for private betting companies to enter the country and offer their complete selection of gambling products to Canadian residents in exchange for tax payments or revenue sharing with the government.

Already, industry titan 888 is reportedly preparing to enter the Canadian market, and further developments are anticipated. Although the primary emphasis will be on casino and sports offerings, it is probable that in the near future, gentler gaming products such as bingo and keno will also become available.

Bingo enthusiasts in Canada can now relish their preferred game with jackpots accumulated domestically and gaming licenses issued by their government, which provide additional protection and ensure impartiality.

While the precise timeframe for this significant transformation has not yet been determined, Ontario has taken the lead by publishing a discussion paper earlier this year that delineates the characteristics of a regulated market. The document describes how the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO), which has recently been established, will grant licenses to private companies to offer wagering rummycircle products, including bingo, to the citizens of Ontario in exchange for revenue-sharing fees paid to the government.

By the end of 2021, the initial sites offering a sports book and casino are expected to go live, and bingo is a foregone conclusion in the coming years. Alberta and British Columbia, among other major provinces, are probable to follow suit.

Therefore, Canadian readers can anticipate an onslaught of new Canadian bingo sites featuring exciting new slots and bingo games on which to try your luck.

Continue to monitor this area for further updates.

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