Before, during, after metal braces, how to take care of it, what can you eat?

Before orthodontics must be prepared to consult a dentist. Dental structure diagnosis Make a history before orthodontics, including tooth prints, photographs and x-rays, oral clearances such as scaling, tooth extraction, and fillings.

during orthodontics Should take care to pay special attention to cleanliness. Use an orthodontic toothbrush and floss. To prevent tooth decay and bad breath problems Avoid food that is too hard, tough, too big. or have to use gnawing teeth because it may cause the tool to fall off Should choose soft, easy-to-chew food to prevent gums and system teeth from having to use a lot of chewing force, and should always visit the dentist by appointment to check the movement of teeth and braces.

After orthodontics, orthodontic appliances have been removed. During the first 1-2 years, retainers must be worn all the time. except when eating and cleaning teeth And should come back to the dentist for regular dental checkups every 6 months and take care of your oral health regularly.

Metal braces review
Metal braces are considered to be the most popular orthodontic treatment. From adolescence to adulthood because of the present Orthodontics is a fashion. Instead of looking ugly, it makes people with metal braces. immediately became interesting.

Therefore, it is not surprising that we will see a lot of teenagers, celebrities, and actors coming out to review metal braces. or simply say Leave a review to show the lifestyle of orthodontics that they are health lovers and make the face shape change in a better way too

If anyone is interested in metal braces can search for the word „Review of metal braces“ will have a lot of reviews to read. Or go to the clinic’s website, there will be reviews of customers who have had metal braces. Or see a review of metal braces at Smile And Co Dental Clinic below.

Precautions to be taken during metal braces
during orthodontic treatment When eating symptoms often have food particles stuck to the teeth. which is difficult to clean Orthodontists should pay more attention to cleaning. To prevent bad breath and tooth decay problems
to reduce tooth damage During orthodontics, it is best to avoid hard, sticky, hard-to-chew food.
in order to complete orthodontic treatment as scheduled You should always see your dentist to check the movement of teeth and orthodontic tools. Because if you don’t go to the dentist as scheduled, it may take longer to get orthodontic treatment. and may cause oral problems to increase as well
metal braces Although it costs less than other orthodontic treatments. But in order to have the most effective orthodontic treatment and suitable for your lifestyle It’s better to choose the braces that suit you best. Because any type of orthodontics takes years.