clear braces tool working time will it hurt or not

clear braces It is one of the most popular forms of dental treatment today. because of clear braces Able to respond to the lifestyles of today’s people as well due to clear orthodontics It is different from conventional orthodontic braces that have braces inside the mouth. that may affect daily life But the clear orthodontics There are braces that can be removed while eating or while brushing. In addition, the braces are thin and clear. When we wear orthodontic tools making it almost impossible for others to see that we are undergoing orthodontics This is the advantage of clear braces. Because it will help make you feel confident. Make your smile brighter and more beautiful than general orthodontics. When you smile, you will see orthodontic tools, causing some people to lose confidence. for clear braces

Dentistry has developed a new model that allows treatment planning with a computer system. Those who undergo orthodontics can design a smile with the dentist. Makes the answer to the answer to those who receive orthodontics the most and allow us to achieve satisfactory treatment results as we want In terms of wearing clear braces The dentist recommends that we wear the tools at least 20-22 hours a day in order for the orthodontic tools to work at their full potential. which the function of the clear orthodontic tools We must first explain that clear braces The dentist will design the instrument for the individual. This makes the orthodontic tools fit perfectly into the mouth of the orthodontic patient. This makes the tool work more efficient.

For today, our Idol Smile Clinic will talk about the function of clear braces. Many people who have undergone general orthodontics when we have to visit the dentist to get the tools installed. Adjusting the instrument may cause pain and tightness in the mouth. Because orthodontic tools may be braced to pull teeth. Because this is the function of fixed orthodontic tools. This may cause pain to those who undergo orthodontics. but in clear orthodontics Many people already know that the tools of clear orthodontics are It is thin, smooth and transparent. and is individually designed, allowing the tool to fit perfectly into the mouth of the orthodontist.

which the function of the clear orthodontic tools When we wear tools, tools work. It will help to move the teeth into the position that the dentist has set. Will not make us feel pain because of the clear orthodontic tools will move slowly with very light force so it doesn’t make us feel pain because orthodontic tools will not hold back Makes it painful. Therefore, it can be concluded that clear braces when we wear braces. And when the tool works, it doesn’t make us feel pain. However, those who undergo clear aligners are required to wear the instruments for at least 20 -22 hours per day as recommended by the dentist in order for the braces to move to the position the dentist placed them. In order to get accurate results, the importance of clear braces depends on the discipline of the orthodontist as well.