Houston teen

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olice and firefighters found Rudolph “Rudy” Farias IV around 10pm on Thursday after getting a call about a person lying on the ground in casino online terpercaya front of a church in south-east Houston, a police spokesman, John Cannon, said.

It was not immediately known where Farias had been the last eight years, Cannon said. Police investigators had not yet spoken with Farias, 25, who remained hospitalized.

Janie Santana, Farias’ mother, said in a statement: “What we do know is at the time of his recovery, a good Samaritan located him unresponsive and immediately called police and 911. My son Rudy is receiving the care he needs to overcome his trauma, but at this time, he is nonverbal and not able to communicate with us.”

Houston police, along with Texas Equusearch, a civilian search and recovery team, looked for Farias but found no signs of him.

When Farias first went missing, Texas Equusearch reported that he had depression and anxiety, and he might have been disoriented because he wasn’t taking his medication. Farias also had asthma and walked with a slight limp because of an injured right leg.

Renteria recalled at least a dozen such reports that turned up nothing. Renteria, who worked the case with his wife, Barbara, also followed up on possible sightings in other cities.

“After a couple of years … we finally just had to give up on it,” Renteria said on Monday. He added he had also considered the possibility that Farias, who had become an adult in the time he was missing, might have run away and didn’t want to be found.

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