How many types of braces are there?

There are two main types of orthodontic treatments:

Tool-mounted braces: This is the most widely used orthodontic treatment. The tool is made of metal material.
Non-Toxic Orthodontics: It is a removable orthodontic treatment. No need to attach braces on teeth. service provider Many people may be familiar with the name Invisalign.
In both of these types, there are types of orthodontic tools to choose from to suit your needs. It is divided into four types as follows:

Metal braces
It is the most popular orthodontic treatment. Especially among teenagers will choose this orthodontic treatment. This is orthodontic treatment by attaching a metal tool to the front surface of the teeth. Insert the wire through the bracket and use a colorful rubber O-ring to fasten the braces to the braces. make the braces stick firmly and have to adjust the tools every month

Pros: This setup involves mounting tools made of metal material. The surface is smooth and shiny. cause food stains and Microorganisms are more difficult to attach than other materials. and is also attached to the outside of the teeth It makes cleaning easier, more convenient, less expensive. Considered to be orthodontics , the cost is less than others. Period of orthodontics 2 years or more

Who it’s for: Metal braces are suitable for students with limited orthodontic budgets. And those who have time can come to see the dentist often.

Ceramic braces
Ceramic orthodontics is a type of orthodontic treatment that uses a clear ceramic temple . attached to the surface of the front teeth Then insert the wire through the bracket groove and use a clear rubber band to fasten the braces to the orthodontic wire. to help control the direction of tooth movement The color is close to the color จัดฟัน; Link Website, of your teeth. make your teeth look beautiful

Pros: This type of braces are specially designed. Give the color and clarity closest to the color of teeth as possible. Therefore, it is difficult to see that the patient is having orthodontic treatment.

Who it’s for: Ceramic orthodontic braces. Suitable for those who want to straighten their teeth. But I don’t want people to notice clearly. Due to the duty and personality of the work, the patient has to adjust the braces every 1 month. The period of orthodontic treatment is 2 years or more.