Logo that Change Defeat into Winnings

Can a logo change the defeats into winnings? The answers can be found after you finish reading this article.

If we as human have faces it represents everything that doesnt have actual visual form. Logo has big influences, e.g.:

Logos influence the life logos have visual, strategy & vision. In logos, the spirit dimension is the vision & mission which cant be seen visually but are the preliminary element of forming the Logo. The Strategy Plan is the Thoughts Dimension while its visual form as the Body Dimension.

The logo making process steps is started from the vision mission building stage, then strategy stage which explain how to reach the vision & mission which translated into the logo form.

Stage 1. Vision & Mission

In making a vision mission, there are some important requirements factors that we should know.

The Vision & Mission should have correlation with the business that we make, for example: If we want to build a school, the vision mission is to educate the students.

The Vision & Mission should be unique, not a copycat of other companies nor the competitors. With this uniqueness, then we can compete with the others.

The Vision & Mission should be positive, never has negative one.

The Vision & Mission should not only give external positive impact, but also give internal positive impact if the company should also think The Vision & Mission that can raise the prosperity of its employees.

The Vision & Mission ideally, not more than 10 items for the member to remember easily.

The Vision & Mission should be focused. If not, the direction wont be clear enough.

The Vision & Mission should be derived from the inputs of other people, so it can be perfected.
Stage 2. If you beloved this article and you would like to obtain more info concerning รับออกแบบโลโก้ please visit our web page. Strategy Plan

This strategy is used to get The Vision & Mission, which are:

Product Strategy, Product should be unique and in line with the The Vision & Mission. Things that we have to consider here are:
The uniqueness of the product, which is different than the competitors.

Added value that we have and others dont have.

To unite 2 products that can support each other so that can have more value.

Marketing Strategy, there are some that we should decide:
– Decide the Target market (Segmentation)?
– Decide to choose the Niche Market or the Rare Market
– Decide How to Sell?
– Decide the Customer Service system

Promotion Strategy, how to appeal people to buy the products (e.g.: with discounts, etc)

Nurture Strategy, is the strategy that is used for:
– Improving the Skill & the working Abilities of the employees to be able to work better.
– Building the Mentality & the Morality of the employees in working, e.g.: by doing the community prayer in the office.
– Building good relationship among the employees, by giving outbound training & other things can improve the team work & trust one with the others.
– Building Motivation in working so they can keep their working quality consistency, e.g.: by letting them go to motivation seminar, etc.
Stage 3. Logo Implementation

In the Logo Implementation, there are 7 steps which are:

Brainstorming, we conclude all the vision & mission & the strategy into one conclusion of the logo concept. Then we write as many keywords as we can that can represent that conclusion.

Research, from the conclusion that we made, we make a research to find what are the visual form that best represent it.

Visual Choice, from all the pictures that we found, we pick which ones that most represent & in a line with the soul of the conclusion that we made earlier.

Sketching, from the visual form that we picked, we modify it to be simpler & into some alternatives form which we think good.

Typography, from the visual form, we choose the font that most in a line with the visual logo form, in which still has the connection between the font from with the logo conclusion.

Coloring, the already set visual form & typography, then we find colors which look up to the logo concept. E.g.: if a bank logo wants to appeal as a trusted bank, they can use blue color to symbolize the Trust.

Compositing, after colorings, then we see the composition if it is used in the name cards, letters head, are they compatible or not. If its not that good, we can do some adjustment such as reducing the font size, etc.
By doing all of these stages, we will produce a perfect logo which can strengthen the company that I represents.

This is the answer of the above question, How Logo can change Defeats into Winnings because a company that about to be bankrupt, if they do the correct Logo Process, that is started by forming the Vision & Mission, Strategy Plan then the Logo Implementation, will resurrect again.