orthodontics in children Can’t help fix permanent teeth problems

at present Considered that our dental industry has evolved a lot. with the introduction of morning innovations for treatment This makes people tend to pay more attention to oral and dental health. In which children in elementary school age can now receive orthodontics. Parents can bring children under 10 years of age to check with an orthodontist right away. without having to wait until adolescence or do not need to wait for permanent teeth to grow was able to receive treatment Especially if parents have problems with teething, they should bring their children to see the dentist for orthodontics in children. In addition, parents should pay attention to the oral and dental health of their little ones. so as not to cause problems in the future for example abnormal occlusal This is caused by finger sucking and bottle sucking behavior, which is a natural behavior of children at this age. however In terms of oral and dental health of the baby It is a matter that parents should focus on. Because children have tooth decay at a young age and severe to premature loss of teeth Considered a big problem ever. because if your child does not have full permanent teeth should be promptly received corrections Because it may be caused by the premature fall of the milk teeth. Because it will cause children to have problems with implanted teeth. The teeth cannot grow naturally. There are both front teeth and canine teeth if left untreated. Children may not have active natural teeth. If the front teeth are missing will become a toothless person have personality problems

For today, our Idol Smile Clinic will talk about orthodontics in children that can not fix permanent teeth problems. Because it can adversely affect children in the future, first of all, parents Should understand about the baby’s milk teeth first that actually the baby’s milk teeth. very important because it affects the growth of permanent teeth which most parents think Baby’s baby teeth are not important because they think The permanent teeth will come up. which I must say a misunderstanding and can seriously affect the teeth of children Because if the milk teeth decay and fall out prematurely This may result in the failure of the permanent tooth base that is about to be completed. and causes the permanent teeth not to grow or up, but there is an abnormality which this problem can be corrected with orthodontics May help fix missing permanent teeth due to implanted teeth with minor surgery and then attach the tool onto the implanted tooth Then gradually apply force to pull the implanted tooth to emerge in the proper position that this abnormality If detected how quickly The more likely it is to be solved successfully. If the dentist examines and finds Children have lost teeth should receive orthodontics to fix the problem immediately

จัดฟันมีกี่แบบ แตกต่างกันอย่างไร ข้อดี Vs ข้อจำกัด ที่ควรรู้However, if any parent or guardian Interested in taking your child for pediatric orthodontic treatment? You can contact for advice at Idol Smile Clinic because we have dentists who specialize in orthodontics. and has long experience in all types of dentistry It can be said that it comes to one place and ends all services. Because we care about the mouth and teeth. I want children to have beautiful teeth. for a bright, idolsmiledental.com age-appropriate smile and to enhance the development of the baby in order to have a better quality of life