Orthodontics in combination with orthognathic surgery solve problems with the structure of the face and teeth.

People who suffer from occlusal problems, protruding chin, crooked face, crooked chin, lower teeth straddling the upper teeth, or idolsmiledental.com upper teeth straddling the lower teeth. It’s a usability problem. both pronunciation crunching and chewing of food

Supervised by a dentist in oral surgery and maxillofacial surgery specializing in jaw surgery together with an orthodontist Specialists can solve these problems.

Who is suitable and should have orthognathic surgery?

Patients who need orthodontics in conjunction with jaw surgery Most people have problems with clearly deformed jaws. causing severe problems in the mouth and face Most of them have the following characteristics:

• Abnormal jaws causing severe distorted faces
• Having a disproportionate size of the upper or lower jaws, or both, causing malocclusion
• People with severe misalignment of teeth. Cause chronic problems in the oral cavity
• People who cannot use conventional orthodontic methods to solve oral problems
• People whose upper jaw protrudes a lot. until unable to close his lips.
• People with a very protruding chin. Because the lower jaw is longer than usual
• People with a distorted face shape. which arises from the abnormal appearance of the jaws.
• People with a very short chin. Because the lower jaw is shorter than normal
• People who have trouble smiling. The gums will be visible more than usual.
• People who have difficulty breathing and swallowing food.

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Solve problems with the structure of the face and teeth
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