There is also Ceramic braces or Meta braces

Ceramic braces that is like metal braces That is, the tool bracket is attached and the wire is used to control the force and direction of the tooth movement.

It is different from ceramic orthodontic treatment. will be very harmonious with the color of the teeth until it is difficult to notice whether or not you are having braces therefore suitable for those who want to have braces but didn’t want others to notice. It takes about 2 years for orthodontics to be orthodontic, depending on the problem of dental health and individual tooth structure. and cost more than metal braces

Advantages of metal braces
Helps teeth that are stacked, far apart, arranged in a beautiful and orderly manner as needed
boosts confidence Make your personality better, dare to talk, dare to meet more people.
Helps to chew food better and better teeth
Helps improve oral and dental health because cleaning access to all teeth therefore less tooth decay
Helps reduce bad breath Because cleaning the mouth thoroughly
Help adjust the figure to look more slender.
Disadvantages of metal braces
You will feel tightness in your mouth and pain during orthodontics and tooth movement.
During orthodontic treatment, it will be harder to clean your teeth than usual. This can result in bad breath and tooth decay.
After orthodontics, you still have to wear a retainer.
see the dentist often And it takes 1-3 years, depending on the problem of each person.
high cost Even if compared to other orthodontic treatments, it will be cheaper.
The benefits of metal braces
Metal braces are common. and is still popular With advantages that besides helping to solve all types of teeth problems such as crooked teeth, stacked teeth, protruding teeth, จัดฟัน gaped teeth, and falling teeth, allowing the teeth to come back in a neat and orderly manner. able to meet teeth or chew food better boosts confidence Metal braces are also cheaper than other types of braces, making most people prefer metal braces.

Many people with metal braces also love and enjoy choosing the color of the braces and changing the color every time the tires are replaced. It can be said that it is a fashion of metal braces that has it all. The tone of the braces that are available in a variety of colors. Can also indicate the personality and habits of each person as well.