What is metal braces and is it good? How long does it take and how much does it cost?

My teeth are not beautiful. I want to have braces to increase my confidence. Which orthodontics to choose? Because at present, orthodontics are available in many types. Then which one is most suitable for us? able to solve problems on the spot Answer both the length of treatment and the reasonable price.
metal braces
metal braces It is considered the most popular orthodontic treatment. From teenagers to adults because of metal braces Helps to solve problems with crooked teeth, misaligned teeth, gaped teeth, poor occlusion And the price is not expensive like other orthodontic treatments.
metal braces Helps to solve the problem of disorganized teeth alignment To arrange the beautiful and orderly as you want. and also helps to adjust the shape of the face to look slender And metal braces are still fashionable. Therefore, it is not surprising to see that teenagers, celebrities, singers, actors, and people in general do so.

If anyone is looking for information on orthodontics The doctor recommends that you read the information on orthodontics from smile and co dental clinic first to have the information ready before making a decision. The doctor has prepared 2 important articles.

How many types of metal braces are there?
There are two types of metal braces:

Metal braces are metal braces. Use metal braces to stick to the tooth surface. The orthodontic wire will be fastened in the bracket with braces. in order for the teeth to move properly in the position as specified by the dentist
Damon braces are braces that do not require braces. Because Damon braces are designed to have orthodontic wire clips in the bracket. Makes teeth move to the position that the dentist has set easily. Reduce the pressure caused by braces make it feel less painful

metal braces How is it different from clear braces?
The difference between metal braces and clear braces is that the tools used are different.

metal braces that will not be able to remove the tool Cleaning the mouth is therefore more difficult. Be careful about eating. It takes about 2-3 years for orthodontic treatment, depending on the problem of dental health and individual tooth structure. and is cheaper than clear braces

Clear braces with the tools used are made of plastic. thin and idolsmiledental.com clear When you wear it, you hardly notice that your teeth are straightening. and the tool can be removed does not irritate the mouth and can also eat Clean teeth normally It takes about 6 months-2 years for orthodontic treatment, depending on dental health problems and individual tooth structure. and cost more than metal braces